Construction Material Supplies

HTCS primary expertise is in selling raw materials and finished products for construction or renovation of houses and buildings - with a smaller specialised segment slotted for cleaning products. A versatile model as it appears to be, could be an alternative easier and faster route to getting all kinds of genuine construction material in one place at standardized price.

The Supplified offers raw construction material (like cement, steel, bricks and aggregates), finished goods for building (like doors, paints,plumbing, electrical), finished utility products for kitchen (like chimneys and water purifiers), bathrooms (like tiles, showers, sanitary ware), building cleaning and maintenance supplies (like window cleaners and mops) and office goods (like chairs, tables and stationery).

"We don't have to beat competition really - most existing players are only reference points to us. Our philosophy is to be a credible guide to our customers - to stay transparent, credible, knowledgeable and approachable. That's how long term relationships can be formed. "